Friday, May 22, 2009

What could be in the box?!

What could be inside?!


Another box!

Jars!  But what's inside the jars, you might ask?

Nut butters!!!  I have been wanting to purchase these ever since I saw them on several other food blogs.  I'm the kind of person that likes to taste every flavor of whatever product it is I am trying out.  So, of course, I had to buy almost all of the Artisana products!  I spent a small fortune on nut butters amidst a recession, which may render me slightly insane.  But, whatever, I'm just stocking up for the end of days!  And when you're wondering what the hell to eat, I'll be sitting in my nuclear fall-out shelter munching on some nut butters! ;)

I had to try this one right away, because it just sounds so blissful!  It was very good, definitely organic!  It is kind of bitter, which means Chris will love it!  And you can really taste the chocolate-coconut combo . . . might have to make some cookies with this one!

I also had to immediately taste-test the Pecan butter, because pecans are one of my favorite nuts.  It is delicious!  It pretty much tastes like ground up fresh pecans!  This will be good on sandwiches.

I have yet to try the cashew butter, coconut butter, goji bliss, and walnut butter.  But, I really thought it better not to open every single jar in one day!  However, I will have to open the goji bliss soon, because the bottom of the jar says it expires in a little over a month!  The rest of them will stay good for a year or so.

Well, I'm off to go read . . . with my new sense of freedom of zero responsibility!  Ah, the perks of working in a school-setting.

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