Sunday, May 3, 2009

I like the bars!

No, not the bars that serve alcohol, though I occasionally like those too.  I'm talkin bout the breakfast bars.  As mentioned before, I have been frequenting a lot of healthy food blogs lately, and have picked up on a lot of popular foods in the healthy food blog community.  When Chris and I took a trip to Trader Joe's yesterday, I picked up a wide assortment of various power/breakfast bars to try.  I have yet to try any of them, because it's the weekend.  I like to save the bars for when I need a quick grab-and-go kind of breakfast or snack.  So, I will be following up on this post with reviews of the different bars.  The only bars I have tried in the past are Luna bars, which I do like.  However, they seem to have a strange film that stays on your tongue after eating them, almost like shortening.

Here are the bars I picked up:

2 Clif bars, 2 Lara bars, 2 Pure bars, 1 Flavor and Fiber bar (gnu), and 2 Think Thin bars.  Let the taste testing begin!

Oh, and to be counterproductive on the healthy eating front, I am going to bake something (probably cookies) full fat today.  I have the urge to bake, and I won't hold back.  But, hopefully I will hold back the urge to eat!  I plan to give away most of the cookies (or whatever it is I decide to bake) to my coworker for her birthday.  

Also, to be even more counterproductive, we're having the best pizza in St. Louis tonight with my family!  It's definitely not low-fat or low-cal!  And, it is impossible to practice eating in moderation with Faraci Pizza!  Mmmmmm Provel cheese.  Those of you non-locals may not have heard of Provel, but it is a St. Louis staple!  It's a combo of Swiss, Provolone, and Cheddar.

  (Photo from Wikipedia created by Whitebox)

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