Sunday, March 21, 2010


So, after my first IVF cycle failed, I had a revelation: I DON'T NEED A BABY TO MAKE ME HAPPY! It will, of course, add to my happiness when it happens. I realized that the more time I waste "waiting" for the next IVF cycle to happen, waiting for follicles to grow, waiting for results, waiting for egg retrieval, waiting for egg transfer, waiting to see if it worked . . . the more I let my life pass me by without truly living it! So, I am going to appreciate the time Chris and I have together, without children, because once we DO have kids our world will never be the same!

So, to commemorate this revelation, I planned a "We don't need no stinkin' babies party". I told everyone to bring a bottle of wine and/or a hunk of cheese. Katie was so thoughtful and brought some sushi, because, as she pointed out, I should do/eat all the things I wouldn't be able to if I were pregnant! The spread was comprised mainly of tids and bits from Trader Joe's (I didn't feel like doing my normal baking/cooking after a long work week). We put "flags" on the table so people could label their cheese. I got a few crappy pictures of the table before anyone got there (our cheeses were from our CSA):

Two of my biggest supports (fuzzy Chris and posing Katie):

We had such an awesome time! It was definitely our biggest turn out for a party, and everyone who came seemed to get along so well. Of course, I forgot to take pictures throughout the party, but Chris remembered toward the end and got these action shots:

We were playing this game called "Quelf" which can be quite hilarious, especially in a large group of people who are all drinking/drunk who don't know each other all that well:

I also made a playlist for the night of songs that make me happy. They may not all be about happy subjects, but they are songs that remind me of good times:

1. Accentuate the Positive . . . . Duke Ellington
2. Free Me . . . Joss Stone
3. Careless Whisper . . . Wham!
4. There's Always Someone Cooler Than You . . . Ben Folds
5. How It Should Be . . . Ben Kweller
6. Drink Me Away . . . Ben Kweller
7. Nugget . . . Cake
8. 1234 . . . Feist
9. Waltz (Better Than Fine) . . . Fiona Apple
10. Cruisin' . . . Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis
11. Louie . . . Ida Maria
12. At Least I Tried . . . Mates of State
13. Special . . . Mew
14. Billie Jean . . . Michael Jackson
15. Aeroplane Over The Sea . . . Neutral Milk Hotel
16. A Million Ways . . . OK Go
17. Brand New Colony . . . The Postal Service
18. On The Radio . . . Regina Spektor
19. Folding Chair . . . Regina Spektor
20. Circles . . . Soul Coughing
21. Shine A Light . . . Wolf Parade
22. Electric Feel . . . MGMT
23. In Step . . . Girl Talk
24. Shove It . . . Santogold
25. SheWolf . . . Shakira

Go get you some (not babies, music!)!

Bridge and Gitto's

Two days after I got my "official" negative pregnancy test results from the Doctor's beta blood test . . . we had to attend my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's baby shower for their twins. While we are, of course, very happy for them, it was difficult at times being at the shower. So, we had planned on going out full force drinking later that evening!

We started at Bridge, which is a WONDERFUL new tap room and wine bar that is owned by Dave Bailey, who also owns Bailey's Chocolate Bar and Rooster. They have amazing beers and wines at Bridge, as well as delicious food and a unique selection of bar snacks! Katie, Chris, and I met Jenn and Justin there for some food and drinks:

I believe I had a Saison called "Dark Heather"??

Chris and Katie shared some beet powder, mustard, and honey popcorn.

Justin and Jenn split an appetizer of beets with goat cheese and caramelized onions . . . they said it was AWESOME.

Justin got some sort of pasta dish for his main course.

Jenn got a delicious looking toasted cheese sandwich with tomatoes. They serve their sandwiches with Billy Goat chips which are THE best!

Then it was off to Johnny Gitto's where we found these two:

I, of course, drank too much. In part, it was thanks to Katie K, who was encouraging continued drinking of beers:

Katie M and I did our usual take of "Ice Ice Baby" karaoke-style. We didn't get a picture . . . we have so many pictures of us doing this same song at Gitto's!

It was a great time, but of course I paid for it the next day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

You Know Who You Are

I KNOW you are reading my blog thanks to my handy dandy travel feed: PLEASE, don't bother. You wanted me out of your life, so please stay out of mine (even if it is from afar).