Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pure-ly delicious

We have almost reached the end of our bar-eakfasts.  Friday morning Chris and I took our respective Pure bars for our quick grab-and-go breakfast.  Mine was really good!  Again, like the Larabar, it was simple ingredients all mushed together to become a delicious, convenient meal.  I liked the texture of the Pure bar, it was similar to the Larabar, but maybe with a little more crunch.  Actually, a lot more crunch, because I think I got a piece of pecan shell . . . but I won't hate.  There was a good balance of tart and sweet in this bar.  I would buy it again!  Maybe I'll buy more today -- I think a trip to TJ's is in my future anyway!  But, we still have a Gnu bar to try!

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