Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Breakfasts of Champions!

This morning I tried the Cherry Pie Larabar.  The impressive thing about this bar is that there were only THREE ingredients in the bar!!  Tart dried cherries, dates, and pecans.  I really liked the texture of this bar, it was almost like a thick fruit leather bar, but with a little more crunch to it.  The flavor was a little harsh for my taste buds first thing in the morning.  It was SUPER tart!!  I would have liked a little more balance of sweet and tart.  Chris said his was really good.  He tried the Cashew Cookie Larabar and said that it tasted just like cashews!  Yum!  We would buy these again.
Yesterday I started out my morning taste-testing the Chocolate Fudge Think Thin bar.  My first impression upon visual inspection had my hopes high because it was covered in chocolate! Well, it must be good!  However, I was sorely disappointed after the first bite.  The texture was gritty and grainy, I needed some texture variety.  The taste was bland, either that or my allergy medicine hadn't kicked in yet enough to clear my sinuses.  ;)  But, no, I think that it was just plain tasteless.  I probably won't be getting these again.  Chris didn't like his Think Thin bar either.  Bummer!  Maybe we just didn't get the right flavors or maybe we are just too texture-sensitive?

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