Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Got "Junk"!

Funny how those motherly instincts must kick in super early.  I predicted from about 10 weeks pregnant on that the baby was a boy.  Today we all (Chris, my mom, dad, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and the twins) crammed into the ultrasound room so that I could prove how right I was!

It's a boy!!

Beautiful profile

Sucking his thumb!

Waving his fingers at the camera!
We can't wait to meet little Elliot Oliver!  He's going to be super cute -- well, he already is!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Upcoming Surprise . . .

. . . will be revealed this Thursday!!

Snow Puppies

I just love the cuteness that is my two pups, Wembley and Escher.  See for yourself!

Camo Poodle

Wembley Face

Sweet Face

Head Tilt (just like Ollie used to do!!)

Vicious Wheaten attacks Poodle

Penguin Poodle

Snow Nose
It was so cool to have a beautiful white Christmas this year as the backdrop for all of our festivities!  The dogs loved the snow and were able to wear themselves out without bringing in mud afterwards!

Christmas Day

We have made it a tradition that every year, when the Italian neighborhood in Saint Louis (called "The Hill") has its annual Christmas walk, we go to pick up a loaf of Panettone.  We then freeze the loaf for the following two weeks, until Christmas morning.  We wake up Christmas morning and I get started making Panettone French Toast, from this recipe.  It is amazingly delicious.  Chris oohs and aahs over it each year.

We don't yet have a solid tradition on present opening, as we don't have children . . . yet.  We ended up giving each other our presents on Christmas Eve Eve this year.  It's so hard to wait!  So, after making Christmas breakfast, we prepared the house for our family get together at our place.  I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, especially given that I have a new, awesome camera!  But, the table looked beautiful, the house was clean, and you can see the massive amount of presents under our tree:

We have also started a tradition where everyone wears pajamas to Christmas dinner.  We all enjoy the comfy theme!  In order to stick with the cozy theme, I cooked up a meal of all comfort foods!  We delighted in the BEST macaroni and cheese (adapted considerably from a recipe by Barefoot Contessa), pasta con broccoli, and marinated chicken.  My mother-in-law brought delicious foccacia rolls and peppermint ice cream to accompany the chocolate gooey butter cake from our CSA.  The only non-comfort food was to be brought by my mother, a salad, which she forgot due to her post-surgery brain (she had a hip replacement December 14th and is doing mostly awesome!).  After dinner we opened the towering pile of presents and chatted while we waited for my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and the niece and nephew to arrive from Mexico, MO (where J'aime's family lives).

The babies had a fun time with the wrapping and tissue paper, as is expected from 8 month olds!

Okay, so they did actually play with their new toys as well as the wrappings.  They really liked their new puzzle and their plush farm set!  I'm sure they will love the books and blocks they received as well!

It was a wonderful and relaxing Christmas!  Thanks to my awesome family!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gallery of men that are ginger

I wanted to make gingerbread men (and women) this year, so that's what I did.  However, with the massive quantity of cookies I planned on baking I couldn't possibly decorate all of those gingerbread people myself.  So, I put Chris to work.  Can you guess which ones he did before I explained that we needed some gingerbread people that were suitable to give away to people at our work places?  Actually, it was really fun and funny.  We decided to make it a new tradition, only next time everyone will decorate their own gingerbread person -- the most creative wins (I don't know what they win).