Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Last, but not least . . .

The Flavor and Fiber Gnu bar!! It was really good! I loved the texture, chewy with a hint of crunch. They only carry one flavor of these at Trader Joe's (maybe it's their only flavor), but it was delicious. It tasted like real orange zest with the occasional burst of a dried cranberry. Yum! This bar only had 140 calories, so I ate it with a piece of fruit for breakfast and I was good to go! TMI: it will keep you regular! ;)

BTW: I checked out their website and they do have other flavors!! They have banana walnut, chocolate brownie, cinnamon raisin, and peanut butter. Their website only shows Trader Joe's carrying them in St. Louis, and so far I've been to two Trader Joe's and they both only had the orange cranberry.

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