Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day gifts and Blueberry Bars

In addition to some wine glass steaks and a couple other little presents, I gave our moms some homemade granola.  I used the granola topping from the blueberry bars and added dried cranberries and yogurt-covered raisins.  Yum!  

I also made the above sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.  They didn't photograph very well, probably because of the packaging.  I was kind of disappointed in the colors, I wanted them to be more realistic, but I couldn't seem to use enough dye in the icing to get the colors dark enough.  :(
I made Martha Stewart's Blueberry Bonanza Bars last Sunday when I was in a big baking mood!  I got the recipe out of Martha Stewart Cookies cookbook (which I love), but you can get the recipe by following the link above.  They were really good, kind of like a shortbread cookie bottom with blueberry preserves on top and finished off with homemade almond-coconut granola.  

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