Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sorry for the long delay in my long update of fertility crap! Well, as was expected, I didn't get to go through with the IVF. I only developed 1 mature follicle, and they won't do an egg retrieval for just one possible egg (with good reason). I think that they were almost too cautious with me in the beginning, fearing I would overstimulate, but ended up with the opposite result of not enough eggs. BUT, we did get to convert to an IUI!! It's better than nothing! I am hopeful and optimistic that this could be the ONE! I will find out this coming Saturday, November 28th if I'm preggo or not! If not, we will do it all over again (with a different protocol) starting sometime in January or February.

In the meantime, I thought this was funny, my Doctor wrote me a prescription for progesterone suppositories that I must take until I find out if I'm pregnant or not (if I am, I have to continue them for 8 weeks!). That's not the funny part though. The funny thing is that she told me that I needed to take 2 per vagina three times a day!! Chris and I looked at each other and tried to contain our immature laughter. How many vaginas do I have, we wondered?! No wonder I have to go through fertility treatments!! Oh, that Dr. jargon, so silly.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Something only a Speech-Language Pathologist would truly appreciate

This is pretty strange and awesome at the same time.  I used to scope people like this when I had my hospital internship, but we never made them sing -- just swallow things.

Friday, November 6, 2009

As Promised . . .

Better late than never, here is my video of the Menopur shot:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I think part of the reason I want to have a kid so badly, is that I had an AWESOME childhood.  I want to recreate my childhood by giving a new generation a similar experience.  I was sent a video by my dad today that brought me right back to those worry-free days:

I Can't Take Anymore Bad News!

Today was kind of a downer.  I went in for more blood work and my first ultra sound since starting the stimulation medications.  My estrogen level went from 200 on Monday to 700 today, which is not that great of a thing, since I only have 1 measurable follicle.  The estrogen level should rise more consistently with the increase in follicle sizes.  So, there's maybe a 50/50 chance that this cycle will be cancelled, or in the words of the nurse practitioner, "it could go either way."  I go back in for another ultra sound tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday!!  They're watching me very closely to make sure I don't go into over hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).  I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable today, but the nurse practitioner said that may be a good sign (as in, maybe I'm "bloaty" because my follicles are growing).  AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh!  Why does this process have to be so incredibly hard for me and so easy for others?!  Just another example of how unfair life is.  I look at all the parents in my neighborhood, community, city, country that have children that they neglect, abuse, or just flat out don't appreciate and wonder how they got to have kids and I can't?  And, not just that they get to have kids, but they got to have kids without the year of trying tons of medications, constant anxiety and hope, and then disappointment over and over again, in addition to all of the crazy amounts of money spent (since insurance doesn't cover anything), shooting yourself up with tons of shots, being prodded and poked constantly, all for more disappointment.  I'm so ready for something to work out for me and for some happy, hopeful news.  I just want to even have a chance to hope to be pregnant.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year we celebrated Halloween by going to a party over at Tim and Faith's house. It was quite an entertaining evening!

There were lots of spooky treats:

My haunted trifle is "triflin'" as John mentioned.
My spider web sugar cookies (it was quite the task to get that icing that color!)
Faith made creative labels for the soda bottles
She had stuff to make S'mores over the bonfires she had going outside (unfortunately, we were all too full from the other sweets to make S'mores).
Mummy candy
Faith also made these awesome "meatheads"!!! She spread cream cheese over some plastic skulls and then wrapped them with procciuto and gave them olive eye balls!
Doll-part cupcakes made by Micah and Jenna
Carrot fingers
I also made some marshmallow bones that looked a little more like limp 'bone'rs.

I was a cupcake this year! How appropriate. . .

Equally appropriate, Chris was "Death by chocolate" -- those are Snickers pinned to his shirt.
Octavia was "Hannah Banana" -- her way of making fun of Hannah Montana.
Faith was Julia Childs . . . so cute!
John was a Mad Scientist -- maybe even a head shrink

Justin and Jenn were Mario (or Larry) and Princess Peach . . . very cute!

And I just realized I didn't get any pictures of Jenna and Micah! They even won a prize for best costume!! Sorry guys!

We even dressed Wembley up this year as a squirrel. Ollie chewed on his little squirrel tail a bit!

And another hilarious video to close the post: