Saturday, October 31, 2009

MenopurELY Painful

I started my stimulating shots yesterday!  Who else, other than people with infertility, would get so excited to begin injecting themselves with three shots daily?!  Well, the excitement quickly wore off after I felt the Menopur shot!  It, for some reason, was much more painful than Lupron, and by far more painful than Follistim (which isn't painful at all).  Plus, there are a lot of steps involved in prepping the Menopur for injecting.  I will make a video tomorrow morning to post, but today my camera battery died at the very beginning of the process.  I go in on Monday for blood work to assess my estrogen level and determine if we're on the right track or not with dosage.  I will probably also go in on Wednesday morning for an ultrasound and more blood work.  The RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist)'s office said that they still anticipate an egg retrieval around November 9, 10, or 11th despite the lowered dosage (They lowered my dosage due to the fact that I had a VERY high antral follicle count (try 50 in each ovary!!!!!) and they don't want all of the follicles producing eggs too quickly or I would over hyperstimulate).  The anticipated retrieval date is, of course, if everything goes as planned . . . 


  1. I hope you have loads of great follies.... and no OHSS. Fingers crossed for a wonderful cycle for you!

  2. OHSS would not be good. Glad to hear your docs are monitoring the situation. All you need is a few good quality ones, not a lot of little follies.