Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anniversary celebrations

For our anniversary, Chris and I considered going to Pere Marquette again to stay the night.  But, because we had just had a lovely trip to Chicago, we didn't want to spend all the money (plus we have a wonderful new king sized bed of our own that we don't have to pay to sleep in).  So, instead we decided to go to Pere Marquette's AMAZING brunch that happens Sundays throughout October.  We invited our parents along (we had already done the romantic "alone" time dinner the night before).  The brunch had anything and everything you could ever want, including a bananas foster station!!

After brunch we went hiking at Pere Marquette State Park -- it was beautiful!!  Then, we all headed over to Eckert's to pick some FUJIS!!!!  My favorite!  

Mama and her apple

My dad and his "apple stick", demonstrating that it really works!
Bob for apples (ha!)

Apple stick in action
All the Fujis were on the ground!!!!  :(

We also got pumpkins, kettle corn, and Indian corn.  My dad pulled the cart and looked like a little boy doing so.  Here is the apple stick in motion (tilt your head 90 degrees counter clockwise):

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