Sunday, November 1, 2009


This year we celebrated Halloween by going to a party over at Tim and Faith's house. It was quite an entertaining evening!

There were lots of spooky treats:

My haunted trifle is "triflin'" as John mentioned.
My spider web sugar cookies (it was quite the task to get that icing that color!)
Faith made creative labels for the soda bottles
She had stuff to make S'mores over the bonfires she had going outside (unfortunately, we were all too full from the other sweets to make S'mores).
Mummy candy
Faith also made these awesome "meatheads"!!! She spread cream cheese over some plastic skulls and then wrapped them with procciuto and gave them olive eye balls!
Doll-part cupcakes made by Micah and Jenna
Carrot fingers
I also made some marshmallow bones that looked a little more like limp 'bone'rs.

I was a cupcake this year! How appropriate. . .

Equally appropriate, Chris was "Death by chocolate" -- those are Snickers pinned to his shirt.
Octavia was "Hannah Banana" -- her way of making fun of Hannah Montana.
Faith was Julia Childs . . . so cute!
John was a Mad Scientist -- maybe even a head shrink

Justin and Jenn were Mario (or Larry) and Princess Peach . . . very cute!

And I just realized I didn't get any pictures of Jenna and Micah! They even won a prize for best costume!! Sorry guys!

We even dressed Wembley up this year as a squirrel. Ollie chewed on his little squirrel tail a bit!

And another hilarious video to close the post:


  1. Oh snap! I totally forgot about that video! What a great night.

  2. Great to hear back from you! I don't know if I said it in my last post but I am obsessed with Cupcakes! So fun that you were one for Halloween! I want to open a cupcakery in West County so bad it kills me. I think it would do so well there with all of the schools and mom's there. Anywho, I went to SLU's Speech Path/Aud. program from 1999 to 2003. I was in Madison Square Garden seeing a Phish concert New Years Eve of 2003 and decided that night I wanted to be an Interior Designer, six days later I was enrolled in Maryville! And that's that. We do have a lot in common with the PCOS, tube stuff, etc. Infertility is a small world. I am so glad to meet you I have been wanting to meet someone in St. Louis going through some of the same experiences! Do you live Downtown? How about that new Walgreens that just opened? I haven't been there but know it will be a life saver to downtown dwellers!

    Take care!