Sunday, October 18, 2009


My last year of my 20s has begun!  I must appreciate this youthful age decade while it's still here!

On my actual birthday (Thursday) we celebrated by going over to my parents' house after work for some cupcakes and presents!  My parents gave me a "Where the Wild Things Are" themed set of presents: the children's book ("for my future 'wild thing'"), a stuffed Max, the song "Wild Thing", and tickets to see the movie.  They also said they would pay for a dim sum lunch (my request).

After my parents' house, Chris and I went over to Jenn's house to celebrate with the Catty Kitchen girls.  They were so sweet and thoughtful.  Octavia made me brownies.  She even thought of the candles, and was so excited about them, she put them in while the brownies were still hot.  The results were pretty humorous:

Double sided candles and wax holes!  They were still good, Oc!
They also made homemade pizza, yum!  In addition to all of that they had a lovely basket of birthday gifts waiting for me and a beautiful 'Happy Birthday' sign strung across the fireplace.  I received a crocheted cookie, a box of parchment, 3 different types of flours!, cookie cutters, note cards, and a table cloth!!!  These girls are so awesome!  I failed to take enough pics, but you can see more a the Catty Kitchen blog by following my link to the right!

We also played Scattegories together!  Such fun.

Pumpkin head didn't want to be photographed apparently:
Saturday we went to lunch at LuLu's for the best dim sum in St. Louis, and boy was it!!

Dim Sum by the cart on "weedends"

Next time we'll have to try the "smootlies"

We all had a much better time than it would appear based on my mom and dad's expressions.
Just some of the items that we picked off of the trays that people were carrying around offering a huge variety of foods!  We ate green beans, snow pea greens, Chinese broccoli, fried vegetable noodles, marinated tofu, bbq pork, onion pancakes, pork dumplings, shrimp rolls, and fried shrimp.  I can't wait to go back to try more foods!
Chris loved it too, don't let that expression fool you!
Funny thing is, of all the people not smiling in pics, my brother was the one making funny faces in all of the other pictures I took of him . . . until I told him his pics were going on the blog.  This is a rare sighting: David smiling broadly in a picture!
Dessert cart?!  I'll have one of those, and one of those, oh yes, and one of those!
Pineapple bread thing
egg custard tart thing

Red bean paste pastry thing

After dim sum Chris, my mom, and I met up with Chris' parents for Where the Wild Things Are.  It was a great, touching movie.  All of us cried.  After the movie we ate dinner at Raccanelli's in The Loop.  Mmmmmmmm.

Then, it was time for me to go out on the town with my fashion-week diva friends: Katie and Garnet.  Katie and Garnet are the Scarlett Garnet jewelry making duo.  They were at Lumiere Place all weekend for the St. Louis Fashion Week.  Unfortunately, though, Katie was feeling really under the weather by the time I got there.  So, I helped Garnet pack up (I really wasn't much help), and then Garnet and I headed to a bar/club called Sleek in the casino where the Fashion Week after party was being held.  The night was fun and interesting, and fuzzy to say the least.  Let's just say I spent Sunday recuperating.
Twas a great Birthday!  Thanks everyone!

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