Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catty Carvers

This week the "Catty kitchen" was to be held at Jenna's house!!  We brought over pumpkins to carve.  Jenna had set up a cute little Fall-themed spread for us to enjoy including muffins, nuts, and candy corn!
Jenna and Micah have a really cute little dachsund mix.  I found it quite hilarious when Jenna unwrapped a bone that was the same size as the dog for it to chew on.

Pumpkins were carved by all, and there was quite a variety:

Octavia was impregnated with a pumpkin baby:

Jenna was such a sweet hostess.  Here she is cleaning up after all of our messy carving:

She even put away the slimy pumpkin seeds despite it grossing her out:
Meanwhile, Kora drank cider and Faith contemplated the Crate and Barrel catalogue:
Whilst I video taped this hilarity:

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