Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Delayed Birthday Gratification

I love it when my birthday lasts for weeks!  Today I received a cupcake from Jilly's cupcake bar on my porch from Shawnee!  It was a "Missylicious" cupcake, which I believe is vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream.  Shawnee is living in Kalamazoo, Michigan and orchestrated this cupcake delivery from afar.  Thanks, Shawnee!

Last Friday night, Katie took me out for a fancy dinner for my birthday!!  We went to a swanky restaurant in Clayton called Araka.  We ordered a couple glasses of wine.

Katie ordered butternut squash soup with a balsamic dribble on top to start:

I got a ceasar salad with "potato croutons" to start:

Then, I got a butternut squash-filled ravioli with a parmesan foam and crispy fried sage:

Katie got a pork dish with some apples and sweet potato gnocchi:

Me with my food (and my really cute new dress that I got from H&M, too bad you can't see the whole dress):

I'm also wearing my brand new necklace custom made by none other than Katie of Scarlett Garnet.  I will have to take another photograph of it for the blog, but it's a metal cutout of a turtle (my request, as the turtle is a Native American symbol of fertility).

Here is the lovely Katie:

Thanks for making my birthday stretch out over a week girls!!  It's more fun when you have little surprises to look forward to over a period of time!


  1. Ah, a lovely cupcake from Kalamazoo. I'm from the Michiana area myself (South Bend IN)!

  2. I wanted to introduce myself. I live in Chesterfield. I am an Interior Designer with a love for cupcakes! I haven't had Jilly's yet but the cupcakery is oh so good! I would love to open a little cupcake shop in West County one day and be a mommy! We have been TTC for one year. Looks like we will start IVF in the new year. Please come visit me: http://aibw.blogspot.com/

    :) Amber

  3. Glad to see the cupcake arrived safely! Kalamazoo sadly does not have a place that even compares to Jilly's - it does however have a great Dutch Bakery/Restaurant called Rykse's that I would love to take you to if your travels ever bring you to Kazoo!

    So nice that you and Katie had fun evening at Araka - that place is DE-Lish!