Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recommendations anyone?

I have been compiling a list of uplifting, not going to give up, happy, motivational songs for a playlist I like to call "F@#$ Infertility" on my iTunes.  What are your most inspirational, upbeat songs that you turn to when you need your spirits lifted?

I have been listening to my playlist on the way to my RE's office before each ultrasound or blood work appointment!  I definitely feel a more positive attitude this round!!  Maybe the music is working?!

My playlist so far (it's slim, but my RE's office doesn't take long to get to from our house):

Something's Coming -- West Side Story Soundtrack
Accentuate the Positive -- Duke Ellington
Hey, Hey, Hey (It's Gonna Be Okay) -- Stephanie's Id
Free Me -- Joss Stone
Don't Stop Believing -- Glee Soundtrack version

I'd love to hear your suggestions!!


  1. i often listen to bob marley's "Three Little Birds" or tori amos' "a pretty good year"

  2. Ain't got no- I got life by Nina Simone
    Beat it- Michael Jackson
    Even If-- Amel Larrieux (and lot's of her stuff)
    Superwoman - Alicia Keys (of course)
    dancing queen from mama mia. (corny but I love the mamma mia soundtrack!)

  3. Let it rock by Kevin Rudolf. You can run marathons or make babies with this one!