Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, Wednesday, despite the worries about my high estrogen, my doctors let me go through with egg retrieval!  They were able to retrieve 19 eggs!  I got the call about their fertilization yesterday, and 15 out of the 19 fertilized.  Tomorrow we will get a call in the morning on whether or not we should come in for the egg transfer.  If they don't have us come in tomorrow, the egg transfer will be on Monday.  I am still feeling pretty uncomfortable.  My ovaries are super enlarged (I'm guessing) and causing referred pain to my back and diaphragm areas.  Needless to say, I was walking pretty funny today making it very difficult to hide that something was up from my coworkers!

Here I am before egg retrieval surgery, and before they put in the IV.  I look much calmer than with the first egg retrieval!
Post egg retrieval, not looking as hot.  I was in more pain this time than the first IVF.

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  1. Yeah! 19 is a great number. That's actually my lucky number. Also love your cookies. They look delicious. Best of luck with the transfer.