Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm From the Lou and I'm Proud!

This weekend we spent about 20 out of 48 hours at LouFest . . . St. Louis' answer to indie music festivals such as Coachella, Bonaroo, or SXSW.  Of course, it did not reach the magnitude of other, more established music festivals, however, it was awesome!  I am really proud of St. Louis for putting on such an amazing show, with such a great diversity of artists.  I really hope this festival continues annually and only gets bigger and bigger, while maintaining its indie music appeal.
LouFest did a good job with having a variety of foods, including vegetarian and vegan options (as we aren't eating meat unless it is from our CSA.  These were vegan nachos!
There were two stages, and if you positioned yourself well, you were able to view both stages as well as the big screen projection of the concerts!

We LOVED Stephanie's Id (Stephaniesid)!  She was very much the entertainer as well as a great artist.  We ended up buying two of her albums -- I recommend her!
The Carolina Chocolate Drops were another of our favorites!  They played so many unique instruments -- the bones, a jug, a fiddle, the banjo, and a kazoo!

Playing the jug!
They did some great covers -- June and Johnny Cash's "Jackson", Blu Cantrell's "Hit 'em Up Style" -- Amazing!

Built to Spill was another artist we were excited about seeing, and they did not disappoint!

She and Him finished off the festival.  They sounded great, but Zooey was a little lackluster.  Compared to the other groups, they weren't as entertaining, but the music was great!  Although, I must say, the men all around us were oogling over Zooey so much, sometimes I couldn't hear the music.

Other bands at the festival included: Jeff Tweedy (Wilco),  Broken Social Scene (awesome), Airborne Toxic Event, Titus Andronicus, So Many Dynamos, Bottle Rockets, Lucero, Adam Reichmann, Alejandro Escovedo, Corey Chisel, Kim Massey, Fruit Bats, Gentleman Auction House, and Magnolia Summer.

Go StL!!


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