Friday, July 24, 2009

We're Jammin', and I hope you like Jammin too!

The night before last, Katie, Chris and I went to Jammin' at the Zoo. This is a biannual fundraiser for the St. Louis zoo at which you are able to sample wines from all over as well as a sake booth and, of course, an Anhueser booth.

Here are Katie and me with our cups of beer, as the event ran out of wine way too quickly, and the only thing left was crappy Bud Light. Hey, beggars can't be choosers! So we slurped down the pee water.
See those TINY pink dots in the background -- those are the pink flamingos. They were doing a really funny "dance" that I wasn't able to video tape, but was really cute.

Chris posed Glamour Shots style in front of the flamingos

Jammin' at the zoo was fun -- we smuggled in some really good sushi that I forgot to take a picture of. We really didn't get to sample that many wines due to the huge lines of people and the wineries running out of samples so quickly. My favorite wine sample that night was a Marco Negri Moscato Di'Asti . . . YUM! After the wine tastings and beer guzzling, we went back to our house and ate and drank some more on our back porch. Katie and I stayed up til 3am chit chatting and watching funny youtube videos. It was a good night!
The next night (last night) was Catty Kitchen night at Octavia's. It was a chill night with Octavia, Faith, and me as well as Atticus and Delphi (Octavia's kids), and Bella -- the new canine addition to the clan. Bella got a doggy spa night. She is such a sweet, patient dog -- definitely redeemed my opinions of shih tzus!
Other highlights of the evening: watching Atticus punch some dudes out on the Wii, making fingernails out of BabyBell wax, Octavia's cool new crafty project.

And for tonight's event . . . we're going camping!! Katie, Clay, Chris, and I are headed down to Leasburg, MO to camp for the night and then float tomorrow! First (and probably last) float trip of the year!

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