Sunday, July 26, 2009

A lovely weekend

What a nice weekend we had, with the exception of a couple incidences on the float trip! I didn't take any photos from the camping/float trip. We didn't get to the camp ground until like 10:00 pm, because there was a MAJOR accident on the highway that delayed us at least an hour and a half. So, we were all scurrying to set up our tents as quickly as possible so that beer drinking and food eating could commence. After we were well fed and well hydrated we headed down to the river to have a dip that is not fat under the moonlight. We gazed upon millions of bright stars, the Milky Way, and shooting stars!! The water felt cool, but not too cold, and the moonlight was illuminating the water in a majestic manner. It was awesome! I love swimming in Missouri rivers in the middle of the night when no one else is around!

The next day we woke up very unrested due to a thunderstorm overnight and the fact that we stayed in the "loud campground" area. I'm talking loud as in 20 frat parties worth of noise along with megaphones and car alarms. Anyway, it was time to float, so we did. Floating was nice, until about 3/4 of the way through when Chris decided it was a good idea to jump in backwards into the river without holding onto his eye glasses. They did not stay on and they did not float. Those were his only pair of glasses/contacts. So, I had to be his eyes for the past 24 hours until he could get a new prescription for contacts today. We were all exhausted after floating and immediately drove the hour and a half home to rest.

When we got back we discovered that our plants are thoroughly enjoying this Summer's amazing weather as much as we are:

Don Juan climbing rose in our front yard
'Yellow Boy' mater

After we got Chris some new contacts today, we hit up St. Louis City-Wide Open Studios. This is such a fun event that we missed last year, because we were in Europe (at least it was a good reason to miss). Open studios is a free event that takes place in artists' studios all over the St. Louis City area in the artists' actual studios. Sometimes the studios are in big, joint artist space and sometimes they are in people's homes. The first place we hit up was the studio of one of our favorite local artists (from whom we bought an awesome print a couple years ago), Tom Huck. He's getting ready for a big opening at the St. Louis Art Museum.

I snapped one crappy photo of the entryway to Tom Huck's studio (Evil Prints), because I wasn't sure what the rules were for taking photos in other people's studios (also the reason I don't have any other photos from the event). It was an awesome experience. We were the first visitors to his place today, and the only ones there at the time, so we got a chance to chat a bit with Tom Huck about his pieces, the meaning behind them, the process, etc. Now we just need to save up the money to buy one of his large prints, which are like 6 or 7 feet tall wood block prints.

After touring several other studios throughout Lafayette Square and the downtown area, we went over to the new sculpture garden downtown. It was awesome! We're going to have to go back at night when it's all lit up, and when they open the cute cafe that overlooks the park. Do you see the Gateway Arch in the background?

This was one of my favorite sculptures

Now Chris and I are making art -- he's drawing/painting and I'm making artsy fartsy pillows and blogging! I know my blog hasn't been very food-oriented lately. I think that will be remedied tomorrow when I reveal this month's Daring Baker's Challenge (which I haven't done yet!!).

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