Monday, July 13, 2009

Cape Cod, not just a delicious popcorn!

Our first day on Cape Cod was fairly uneventful as it was raining and very chilly, and we got into town pretty late. So, the only thing we did our first evening was have dinner, of which I have no pictures.

The next morning we decided we would go to Martha's Vineyard. It was quite a trek to get there! First we had to drive about an hour or so to get down to where the ferry would take us across. Then, we had to park a few miles away from the ferry and take a shuttle to the ferry dock. After that, we hopped on the ferry to the island. Above you can see Bob and Peggy enjoying some HOT coffee in their SWEATSHIRTS in JULY on the ferry!

This gull hitched a ride on our ferry

Once we got to Martha's Vineyard, I immediately asked how to get to the vineyard. I was met with a sympathetic smile, and "There is no vineyard anymore, there was one, but it closed due to the recession." WHAT?! No vineyard on Martha's VINEYARD? What a tease! So, instead we took a bus to this little town, picked up a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine and headed out to have lunch under a lighthouse on the shore.

Picnic scenery

Lighthouse that we picnicked under
Picnicers, they're not mad, they just have their mouths full of delicious panini

The next day we headed out to P-town (Provincetown) for a whale watch! And boy did we see some whales! It was so amazing. There were three humpback whales that decided to put on a show for our boat for close to an hour! They were so close to us, it was incredible. They swam right under our boat.

After the whale watch, we grabbed a "snack" of calamari and spinach artichoke dip and some beverages. My peach pina colada was the best pina colada I'd ever had! Apparently P-town is one of the most homosexual communities there is in the United States/World? It was a really neat, unique town to walk around. There was plenty to see and do. Lots of cute little shops and restaurants, and plenty of shows to go see if you were sticking around. There were also beautiful seaside houses, some of which were floated over to Cape Cod from a small island on a boat many many years ago. They were being damaged on the island, so they floated them across the ocean to Cape Cod.

The next day we went to the National Seashore for a short walk. It was low tide, so there were all kinds of sea life exposed for us to observe.

All along the sandy ground were hundreds or thousands of tiny crabs. There were so many that if you stood still and listened, it sounded like there was a small flowing creek nearby, when in reality, it was just the sound of the crabs scuttling across the ground. A bit creepy, I will admit. My mom and Peggy kept getting squirted by some creature under the sand, which resulted in squeals of shock and laughter.

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