Monday, July 13, 2009

Boston Baked Beans

I didn't have any beans in Boston!! Oops. After NYC we hit Boston for the Fourth of July. We walked around after getting off the Megabus and meeting up with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. They showed us around the Boston Commons, and the Esplanade area where the fireworks show was going to happen. It was a bit of a madhouse on the Esplanade but they were able to find a decent place to spread out a blanket.

Here's Chris enjoying the swan boats
Chris and I met up with his old college roommate, Ben, and went into Cambridge where he lives (and where we were staying the night). We didn't end up watching the fireworks, just hung out and talked, and drank some beers (I drank a bottle of wine, oops). The saddest thing about the trip to Boston, is the complete lack of photos! I didn't take a single picture of us hanging out with Ben and his girlfriend, Adrienne. Which is disappointing, because we all had a great time!

The next day my sister-in-law, J'aime, took us to the sight of the "best cannolis", Mike's Pastries. These cannolis were pretty amazing! Above is a chocolate covered cannoli shell with ricotta filling and chocolate chips, and a regular shelled cannoli with ricotta filling and chocolate chips.
A pistachio cannoli with ricotta filling
Ricotta filled cannoli with chocolate coating
Boiled chocolate filling cannoli
boiled cream filled cannoli
This is what we looked at while we sampled each of the cannolis (there were six of us, don't hate). This is the house Paul Revere lived in.

Chris found a mini door -- no one was home

Paul Revere's behind
A tribute to those lost in the Iraq war
Chris in front of a battleship
The battleship

Like I said, there is a disappointing lack of pictures documenting our Boston trip. We had a great time, though. One of the food highlights was an ice cream shop in Cambridge called Christina's. A-MAZING ice cream, and flavor selection! In fact, after visiting this shop twice, I saw it written up in Bon Appetite magazine as one of the top ten ice cream shops in the US. Among others, some of the flavors tried by our group were: rose, Calmyra Fig, burnt sugar, carrot cake, and butterfinger coconut.

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