Monday, July 13, 2009

The Big Apple

Ahhhhh, New York City. Chris and I had such a great time there two years ago. It was great to come back. Chris has a few friends in New York City, too, so it's nice to get to see them.

Here we are at our first dinner in NYC at Brick Lane Curry House -- known for the hottest curry dish in the country, The Phal. I ate the dish that was one notch down from The Phal, called Vindaloo -- holy hot pepper!!! It was so hot, I think I only ate a third of it.
Here's Chris' friend Lou and Chris' parents.
After Brick Lane, Chris and I went out with Lou and his friends. We had a great time. Really, we had too good of a time!
Chris and Lou showing off their dance moves . . . together . . .

Word to the wise: don't schedule a 9:00 am ferry ride out to Liberty Island after a long night of adult beverages!
Manhattan skyline from the ferry
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty and us
Chris' dad looking out a window of Ellis Island
Last time we were in NYC, Chris and I went on a phenomenal food tour of Greenwhich Village. So, we decided that our parents had to experience one of these amazing food tours. This time we went on the Central Village/SoHo food tour. It was equally as great as the previous tour. We had so many food samples I thought I wouldn't eat for days. In addition to great food samples, they give you a really neat historical tour of the area. Above is a picture of meat on a spit, I think it's lamb and beef alternately layered. I am not a big red meat eater, but this was DElicious!

Here's Chris with his falafel and meat pita.

We tried a delicious sweet treat called halva, which is made from tahini, honey, and pistachios. It was so good, and such a unique texture.
Here's a halva close-up, please ignore my dirty fingernail! Also on the food tour we sampled an indian wrap (I forgot what it was exactly), the most amazingly fresh mozerella and sun dried tomatoes, salmon ravioli, and Cuban food (where they also gave us each a free cigar).

Bob and Peggy in Times Square
I really liked this sculpture outside of the United Nations building (if you know me, you know that I detest guns).

Chris at Grand Central Station

I tried to do a little NYC bakery tour, but only ended up going to two. Levain was one, where they are known for their cookies. Chris was in love with his chocolate chocolate cookie!

Me and the two dads at Levain.
The Imagine tribute to John Lennon from Yoko Ono inside of Central Park.

Chris on a bridge in Central Park. We also picnicked in Central Park, which of course, I didn't take pictures of.
We were going to go to the Guggenheim, but the line was gigantic, and we were really running low on time. But, we did get to see the neat architecture of the exterior.
This was a piece of art at MoMA made from cigarettes. Another thing I detest -- cigarettes, not art.

This was made of comic strips all glued together and then cut into an image.

Chris in Dylan's Candy Store -- a huge candy store that is equally hugely overpriced.

Chris also has a friend, Nick Normal, living in a very unique artist commune in Queens, called the Flux Factory. They are busy working on restoring this old greeting card factory building into a place where artists live and have studio space, as well as where they will have a big gallery space to show their art. We had a great time touring the building and having drinks with Nick! It was also good to see what else is out there outside of Manhattan.

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