Monday, August 31, 2009

Everything's Peachy

This past weekend I flew down to Atlanta to meet up with my friends from grad school -- Jackie and Andrea. Andrea had invited us down for her baby shower. Jackie and I couldn't resist an excuse for a KU girls reunion. So, Friday night Jackie flew in from Texas and I flew in from St. Louis. Andrea and her husband, Andy, picked us up at the airport and took us to a restaurant called The Break Pad. It was an old gas station converted into an eatery. The food was really good, and I liked the fact that the outside looked out over the train tracks, on which a few trains passed by as we ate. I like the sound of trains. Upon arrival to their house I met these two:


That night we talked for a while, and then called it a night (it was late and we were tired).

The next morning, Andrea had a Girl Scouts event to run, so Jackie and I slept in. Then, I got to work on Andrea's present:

A diaper cake! I was able to pack a 66-pack of diapers in my suitcase along with all of the other tools needed to create the cake. I think Andrea liked it. I think it turned out really cute.

Then Andy took Jackie and me out for breakfast at a place called The Flying Biscuit. It was a delicious breakfast spot, with lovely homemade warm biscuits. I got eggs, chicken sausage, cheesy grits (which I ended up really liking), potatoes, an oatmeal pancake with peaches, and a biscuit that comes with cranberry butter. Of course, it was way too much food, but I did a pretty good job eating the majority of the food. I saved the biscuit and part of the pancake.

After breakfast, Andrea returned from her Girl Scout adventure, and we all went to the Botanical Gardens. I LOVED the orchid house!

Can you spot the dove in the orchid?

Jackie in the palm fronds
Can you spot the lizard?
The girls at the Botanical Gardens
An interesting gate at the gardens
I like that you can see the city skyline from their Botanical Gardens.

That evening we went to a fancy tapas restaurant called Holeman and Finch Public House.

Jackie's watermelon salad with lime creme fraiche
Andrea's squash blossoms stuffed with pimento cheese and tempura battered

Jackie's sirloin

Andy's rabbit livers?!?!?!

Elena's Johnny cakes

My carbonara with pancetta
The group - Elena

Afterwards, we ended up at Cafe Intermezzo where they had literally close to 1000 drinks to choose from as well as a huge desserts case. I love that Andrea and Andy are such foodies too!

Jackie and her spiked coffee drink

Andy with his sloe gin
Andrea caught off guard, apparently :)
Desserts (my pumpkin-chocolate cake!)

Then, Andy stopped at the grocery store to buy a couple bottles of champagne which we drank while doing this for two hours:

Rock Band on the Wii!! I am convinced I need this now too!

The next day was Andrea's shower. Andy made the girls breakfast before he left to play golf. After eating, Andrea, Jackie, and I went for pedicures!! This was my first ever pedicure, and I think I will be addicted now!

The shower was a great success! Andrea and Andy even got their crib!!

After the shower we all ordered pizza and hung out and Andrea's house until our (severely delayed planes) were ready for us!

Awesome weekend!

Tomorrow I have a TET (tubal embryo transfer) test being done, where they will measure the distance they need to go in to place the embryo once it is ready. They said it shouldn't be any worse than a pap smear -- we shall see!

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