Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend recap

We had a nice weekend. Friday night Chris and I went to Cafe Mochi on South Grand for sushi (which I am finally getting into). I was going to drag him along with me to see The Time Traveler's Wife, because I read the book and LOVED it, but I heard BAD reviews. So, I decided to wait for it to come out on DVD. Katie had her television debut on Channel 4's Great Day St. Louis Friday! It was awesome! Head over to her website and buy her lovely, creative, earth-friendly jewelry!

Saturday Chris and I went to Soulard Market and got a TON of produce for less than $15!!! We got a bunch of bananas for $1, a HUGE bag of cherries for $2 (usually $7 at the grocery store!!!), carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, ginger, sugar snap peas, asparagus, green tomatoes, and red tomato.

Then Katie, Shawnee, and I headed out to the thrift stores. I found this Pampered Chef gadget that you can bake bread in and it molds it into the shape of the tube, you can also use it as a cookie or bread/meat/cheese cutter, or as an ice cream mold. I also found some cute stoneware plates for food pics! Katie and Shawnee found some clothes and other miscellaneous. Then we went for some FroYo hands in the aiiiiiiiiiir! After that Katie and I headed to Chimis! while Shawnee met up with another friend down the street at El Burrito Loco.

We got seated under the lovely fake palm trees and the glowy rainbow lighting! We each got a jumbo margarita (and restrained ourselves from the monster sized margaritas) and split some steak fajitas and the complementary chips and salsa.

Afterwards, we headed to my house where Katie gave me a jewelry-making lesson! To be continued . . . I need a lot more practice. Katie's a really good teacher, very patient.

Today we were supposed to go peach-picking, but just like our strawberry ordeal, we were a day too late and there is no more peach picking this year! DANG IT! So, we went to Crepes in the City with Chris' parents instead. Then we all headed over to the new grocery store in the heart of downtown St. Louis. Now, this might not sound ground breaking to most big-city dwellers, however, in St. Louis, this is GREAT news for the city development. The store is called Culinaria, but is owned by the local grocery chain: Schnucks. It was really nice! Then we took Chris' parents to the City Garden (which I posted about previously).

A few days ago my brother mentioned that he had never had fried green tomatoes before and was interested to try them. . . so I invited him over for dinner! We made fried green tomatoes from this recipe and put them on chibatta bread with some bacon, mayo, and lettuce for the best fried green tomato BLTs.

We watched The Soloist while we ate. It was a pretty good movie, but pretty slow. My brother and I both fell asleep at one point. Now it's blogging time and then off to do a little pre week organization before bed. My goal is to get up early early tomorrow and work out before work!

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  1. My parents have a condo in downtown st. louis at the edison and I work on broadway and washington, schnucks is a godsend! We love it!