Thursday, August 27, 2009

New cookies and a new path

I am still making lots of cookies and bars in order to take photos for the cookbook I am giving my mother-in-law. This week I made "spoon cookies":

and Nanaimo bars:

These are both delicious cookies. I believe they are both from Food Network's Christmas Cookie countdown 2007? My favorite part about making the spoon cookies is the smell of brown butter. I decided that that is my favorite baking smell of all time (and that's a strong statement for a baker).

In other news: we are starting on a new fertility path. After some further testing last week, my Reproductive Endocrinologist found a problem with one of my tubes, which could explain why the injections didn't work last time (the eggs I developed were on the same side as the bad tube). So, not only do I have PCOS, a possible pituitary tumor causing hyperprolactemia, but now I have a bum tube as well. The odds are not in my favor for conceiving naturally. So . . . we have decided to take the uber expensive route of in vitro fertilization (IVF). I think I will need a place to talk about the procedures and all that I have to endure through this arduous process. Therefore, this blog has been retitled yet again: Sweet Melissa: Baking Brownies and Babies. Waddya think? Just trying to make light of a really difficult situation. :/


  1. Hi there! Drooling over your cakes and cookies and thinking about your next IVF steps at the same time. The BB&B title is PERFECT.

  2. Love the new name... wishing you the best of luck as you start the IVF process!
    Ginna Armbruster

  3. Thank you Ginna and Linda for your thoughts and comments!