Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Fun and Friend Farewell

Well, we all knew it was coming . . . Shawnee is once again headed up to the Great Lakes area. She has found a great job opportunity there as well as an apartment that brings her much closer to her boyfriend. So, this week we said goodbye to our dear friend, Shawnee, at a dusk dinner at the Boathouse in Forest Park.
Chris and me before the other two arrived -- self portraiting it up.
The departing diva in front of a beautiful sunset
Roomies and friends bid adieu

Fortunately, Chicago is conveniently in between Grand Rapids and St. Louis, so we may be doing a lot of meeting in the middle. But, I would really like to check out Michigan as well -- I have never been to any of the midwestern Great Lake-bordering states other than Illinois. Bye Shawnee! We will miss you, but thank goodness for Facebook status updates!

Catty girls struck again Thursday for some Fall fun. We met at Faith's house for some absolutely delicious chicken tortilla soup, yummy fruit and dip, and hummus + chips!

mmmmmmmm, soup
The chef who created the amazing concoction below:
Jennifer enjoying her new purchases (we took a field trip to Micheal's where I bought some cute Fall wreaths):
Octavia enjoying turning a pinecone bag into a hairnet so she can make me some sloppy joe's, sloppy sloppy joe's:
I brought some cookies to the Fall exchange:

Lemon pistachio, another recipe that was remade to have its photo taken for the mother-in-law's cookbook!

Tomorrow Chris and I are going to sand off the chipping paint of the front porch so that we can repaint it and finally put up the shiny new house numbers we bought 2 1/2 years ago! I'll try to remember to take before and after pics!

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  1. Thanks for the farewell Melissa! It was a nice evening and I "appishiate" it (in reference to a later blog...)