Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last night Chris and I decided to go on a date to the new International Tap House (itap) in Soulard. It lived up to any expectations he or I may have had. They have over 500 beers, with a large selection of draught beers! The atmosphere was really nice to, with exposed brick, comfy black leather couches, exposed wooden beamed ceiling, and a nice patio that we would have enjoyed had it not been 102 degrees yesterday!

Look at that draught list, holy cow!! And it changes (seasonally?).

I got a sampler of 5 4oz beers. They included: St. Bernadus Tripel, Maredsous 8 (a double), Racer 5 (IPA), Left Hand Fade to Black (stout), and Old Rasputin (Imperial Stout). I enjoyed them all, but especially liked Racer 5. I guess I like my hoppy IPAs (they smell and taste like grapefruit to me).

I don't remember what Chris tried, but I'm pretty sure he liked all of his selections.

I have a habit of putting my pinky up when I drink -- not to be polite (of course), just a strange habit. I over-dramaticized the lifted pinky for the photo! See my sticker? I did my civic duty! The main issue on the ballot that I was voting against won out -- boo!

Chris and I got a bit tipsy, and discussed worldly things -- serious subjects. Politics and culture. It was kind of a Debbie downer of a conversation, but when you're tipsy, it doesn't feel quite that way.

I've been drinking more than I usually do, but I think it's my typical "gotta get in as much drinking as possible before my IVF cycle starts" mentality. I also need to start working out ASAP!! I've decided not to quit working out when I start my meds. They tell you you can't work out, but really they mean you can't get your heart rate over 140. So, I think it would be okay if I just went to the Y and walked the treadmill at a reasonable pace for an hour, don't you?

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I can COMPLETELY relate to feeling like, at this point, my story is "one of the worst". And how few stories compare. Not that I begrudge others their pain, as I've been in pain for years.

    enjoy those few drinks! Sounds like we'll both be cycling soon. That place looks awesome. I went somewhere similar recently with the beer flights... yum!