Monday, February 15, 2010


You know what, I decided to recant that last statement about not blogging about my infertility struggles on this blog. That is part of my life right now, and I like blogging about it on this blog. So, as for the person who I didn't want peering into my life, I am doing this for myself, and I shouldn't worry about who else is reading it.

On that note, let me catch you up on the big events you have missed (pictures to follow):
So, we started our second IVF attempt after returning from the cruise. This time my ovaries responded quite well. I developed 30+ mature-ish follicles. But, my doctors were worried because my e2 (estradiol/estrogen) level was way too high (3700+) and I ran the risk (and still do) of developing OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). But, miraculously, my doctors let me go through with egg retrieval. I went in last Monday morning at 6:45 am. The nurses and staff were very nice and tried their best to comfort me. I was crying because I was so scared. When they hooked me up to the heart rate monitor it sounded like a hummingbird's heartbeat. After some prepping and consultation, the anesthesiologist came in to start my IV. He was very nice, and gave me a numbing shot so that inserting the IV wouldn't hurt. Those anesthesiologists are the best! So then they wheeled me into the operating room. They gave me a nice, warmed blanket and put my feet up into the comfiest stirrups I've ever been placed in. They were ultra padded, plush stirrups. Why doesn't everyone have coushy stirrups?! Next thing I knew the room started to fade out and I was out like a light. I woke up in the recovery room to Chris and my mom standing over me. I felt pretty crampy when I woke up, so the nurse gave me some pain meds through my IV as well as a Tylenol. They brought me some apple juice and graham crackers, since I hadn't eaten or drank anything since 10pm the night before. They came back in to tell me that they retrieved 18 eggs!! I was so happy. Although, I dreamed that they would retrieve 22 eggs, so I was a little disappointed at my lack of being psychic. But, I couldn't complain!

Then the nurse gave Chris a lesson on how to give me my PIO (Progesterone In Oil) shots -- the ones with the 1 1/2 inch needle that had me shaking just thinking about it. But, surprisingly it didn't hurt. She circled with a permanent marker the spot that Chris needs to aim for when he does it. I have to take these shots once a day for eight weeks (if this results in a pregnancy).

After that we signed some discharge papers and I was free to go home. My dad came over to stay with me while Chris went to work. Really, I didn't need anybody after all, because I wasn't all that uncomfortable.

My brother-in-law stopped by in the afternoon to drop off flowers. That was so sweet and thoughtful. It was nice to know that they acknowledge the struggle we are going through.

Everything turned out better than expected -- and a lot less painful than expected. I would do it again, but hope, with all my heart, that I don't have to!!


  1. Good luck sweetie. I'm sending you all the sticky baby vibes I have.
    (Katie's sister)

  2. Oh my gosh! I am sooooo excited! I had no idea you were even doing IVF and voila, I click on your page and here you are after a TRANSFER! I start meds for my first IVF tomorrow and I hope hope hope I do as well as you! Show me how it's done!!! The last few days I have had 5 second bouts with anxiety and fear. I was walking the track at our gym and all of a sudden I thought about the upcoming weeks and just teared up. I am scared. Thank you for writing of your experience here, you have no idea what it does for me. I know it's private but it helps me so much so I am glad you decided to go back on your word! :)