Monday, February 15, 2010

3, it's the magic number!

Well, today (last Thursday) was the day . . . we transfered two embryos into my cozy uterus. One of the embryos was a seven cell, and the other was an eight cell. The doctor said they look for between 6 and 9 cells. And, here they are, for their internet debut:

It's so cool to know, that if these embryos turn into babies, we will have pictures of them before they were more than 8 cells!!!!

I put on quite the show. There were a lot of people in the egg transfer room today: the RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist), an intern to the RE, two nurses, the ultra sound nurse, the ultra sound nurse's intern, and Chris and me. After they got the catheter in, someone from the embryology lab brought in my two embryos to be inserted via catheter. They told us to watch for the flash of light on the ultra sound screen on the count of three, and sure enough, there was a big flash of light when the embryos were placed inside. It was so cool, like a big bang of life in my uterus. I don't know why I got so emotional, but I started crying. I was so happy to see actual embryos being placed in my uterus, I told them all it was the most pregnant I've ever been.

Then they wheeled me into the other room to lie down for 30 minutes before they discharged me. I get to go in for a blood pregnancy test (beta) in two weeks, February 25th. This will be a LONG two weeks! But, as I have seen others who are going through this journey write, "I am pregnant until proven otherwise!"

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