Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trip to Jay International Food -- always an adventure!

My loot from Jay International Foods.

Vermiccelli noodles to make some sort of delicious stir-fry . . . 

Quinoa, which I have been looking for, and have never tried using before.  Anyone have good quinoa recipes?

The chocolate-almond nougat bar that was tasty, and only 138 calories for 1/2 a bar!

After our recent delicious kabob and turkey burger cook-out meal, I am psyched to use this kabob seasoning.

Mmmmmmmm. . . wafer cookies in exotic flavors!

Today, after lunch at Lemongrass with the parents, brother, and grandparents, we took an impromptu trip across the street to Jay's International.  I got the above treasures.  I have been looking for Quinoa for a while at the regular grocery store, and wasn't able to find it, so I was happy to find it at Jay's.  I've always loved wafer cookies (I'm not sure why), and they had all kinds of unique flavors such as: coconut, mango, pineapple, and guava!  I chose the most unusual.  The candy bar I got was pretty good too, it almost tasted like a nutty power bar.  I can't wait to use the kabob spices!  We had friends over last night, and our friend Katie brought over deliciously marinated chicken and veggie kabobs.  Katie's friend Brea brought the most scrumptious turkey burgers I have ever had!  I wish I had taken pictures.  Her turkey burgers had feta incorporated into the meat -- wunderbar!

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