Saturday, October 2, 2010


That's my second beta number.  We actually had to drive over to the Doctor's office to get it, because they never called us today with the results.

They gave me a thumbs up for the number, and said it was good.  But, in my head I was hoping for a higher number.  It's a doubling time of 55 hours, and they want to see between 48-72 hour doubling time.  I was hoping for closer to the 48 hour doubling time.  I'm still so eager for the ultra sound, that will tell me what I really want to know, and what I am most worried about -- whether or not it's ectopic.  They said that they couldn't tell from beta numbers, and we'll just have to wait for the ultrasound to ensure that the embryos implanted in my uterus and not my tubes.  I wish there weren't so many worry hurtles to get through!  But, at least I am supposed to go in on Tuesday for the ultrasound, so I won't have to wait another week to know what's going on inside!!

I should just be happy that I'm pregnant and that the hcg is doubling as it should!  That's all I can be for now!

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  1. With a number that high, I think it's very very very very doubtful to be ectopic. You never really know until ultrasound, but in my experience, ectopic betas start low and stay low. My highest # with an ectopic was 665.

    Congrats on things going well so far!