Friday, June 4, 2010

An Assortment of Summer Break Meals

I really haven't been good about blogging more regularly, have I? I do have some excuses, I guess. I got a Summer school position! They called me VERY last minute to see if I was interested in an early childhood position, and I gladly accepted. It works out really well, because it's only 2 days a week for four hours, for four weeks. So, it ends just before we go to Thailand (the day before in fact)!

But, I have made a few meals that I have photographed so far:

My breakfasts lately have been consisting of a fried egg, bagel thins with random toppings (above is MaraNatha dark chocolate almond butter and our CSA blushing peach preserves), and fruit! Very filling -- holds me over until 2:00!!

We have only grilled once so far, and it wasn't on Memorial Day! We grilled up the rest of our CSA bison meat filled with our CSA cheddar to make a "juicy Lucy". If you don't know what a "jucy Lucy" is -- we were introduced via television on some Travel Channel show. There are two famous bars in the twin cities that have a competitive rivalry with their burgers that are filled with oozing, hot, molten cheese! We had to try making them ourselves, even though we have never tried the original(s). They are GREAT!

A very unflattering photo of our outdoor meal, without the main components that were still on the grill. See, that's my problem, I get so excited to eat, that when the meal is actually ready, I forget to take photos and just dig in!

Then for lunches, I've been having salads with greens and pea shoots from our CSA and homemade croutons made with stale bread from our CSA (we can never eat the bread fast enough).

This is some AWESOME balsamic vinaigrette I made from a recipe from the book "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian".

This is my favorite "tool" for making sweet potato fries! We bought it in NYC, but I bet you could find it at World Market or someplace like that. It is whole pieces of cinnamon and cubes of sugar that you grind to make a delicious seasoning for the fries!

YUM!!! I LOVE me some sweet potato fries -- 450F for 30 minutes -- I eat them with ketchup.

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