Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bridge and Gitto's

Two days after I got my "official" negative pregnancy test results from the Doctor's beta blood test . . . we had to attend my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's baby shower for their twins. While we are, of course, very happy for them, it was difficult at times being at the shower. So, we had planned on going out full force drinking later that evening!

We started at Bridge, which is a WONDERFUL new tap room and wine bar that is owned by Dave Bailey, who also owns Bailey's Chocolate Bar and Rooster. They have amazing beers and wines at Bridge, as well as delicious food and a unique selection of bar snacks! Katie, Chris, and I met Jenn and Justin there for some food and drinks:

I believe I had a Saison called "Dark Heather"??

Chris and Katie shared some beet powder, mustard, and honey popcorn.

Justin and Jenn split an appetizer of beets with goat cheese and caramelized onions . . . they said it was AWESOME.

Justin got some sort of pasta dish for his main course.

Jenn got a delicious looking toasted cheese sandwich with tomatoes. They serve their sandwiches with Billy Goat chips which are THE best!

Then it was off to Johnny Gitto's where we found these two:

I, of course, drank too much. In part, it was thanks to Katie K, who was encouraging continued drinking of beers:

Katie M and I did our usual take of "Ice Ice Baby" karaoke-style. We didn't get a picture . . . we have so many pictures of us doing this same song at Gitto's!

It was a great time, but of course I paid for it the next day!


  1. I can tell a similar story seems like everyone else is getting pregnant or at least we're more sensitive to such news and events. Just gotta keep your chin up and roll with the punches.

    Did you see Julia & Julie or the cartoon Up? There were scenes in both movies that are similar to what you described. It just made me teary eyed, but then you move on...

  2. I did see Julie and Julia as well as Up. I especially thought Up was a bittersweet peek into infertility. I read a statistic in this book I'm reading called "Conquering Infertility" and it said that of all the people surveyed (1/3 who ended up without children, 1/3 who ended up adopting, and 1/3 who conceived in the end with IVF or some other fertility treatment), their happiness was equal based on psychological tests. That made me feel better, but at the same time, I can't see myself childless. I guess it's just good to know that I will most likely be equally happy with adoption or having a biological child.