Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Weekend Injected With Fun!

This weekend, my whole family (Chris' parents, my parents, and the two of us) went camping at Sam A Baker State Park in Southern Missouri.  This is a really beautiful campground.  The river it sits on is crystal clear and lovely.  Our camping weekend turned out to be wonderfully relaxing -- just what we all needed.

Our first night there, Chris and I had a crappy campsite that had no trees at all! It was also located next to some extremely loud partying astronomers, who yelled things like "Did you know that Saturn is brown and red!?  Think about that!"  Then a few minutes later you'd hear someone yell, "Jager shots!!  Who wants to do Jager shots?"  I guess I'm getting old and cranky, but they annoyed the crap out of me (and I barely slept).

So, the next day, we were able to switch campsites to one right next to Chris' parents' trailer!  Much better!  But, in order to do so, we had to put our tent on our car and drive it down the road.  
We were a sight to be seen!

The dogs had a great time too!  We brought all 5 of them!!  Chris' parents dogs: Lula and Truman; my parents' dog, Jackson; and our dogs, Wembley and Ollie.  Wembley really enjoyed watermelon rind.

He also enjoyed napping after their long hike in the woods!

Ollie had a hard time relaxing with all of the other dogs in the campground.  He's anxious like his mother ;)

Jackson, on the other hand, had no trouble relaxing on my mom's foot.

Lula was a pooped puppy!
Truman is hiding under Peggy's leg.  When he wasn't resting, he was fervently guarding the campsite with his little terrier bark!

My boys.
This is pretty much what we did all weekend.  Sat under the shade and relaxed, read, and ate!  Oddly, I didn't take any food pics.  But, we had lots of yummy food!

The boys starting their massive fire!
Such cavemen!

We had such perfect tent-camping weather this weekend!  It was warm during the day, but cool at night.  The only bad part was that we couldn't do any more than stick our feet in the river because it was so icy cold!

Something else I did on this fun-filled weekend, was start my Follistim injections!  This is actually my 4th shot in the video, but I had to do the first two shots while camping!  So, the whole family got to watch!  They weren't that bad. The clicking in the video is my dog's toenails on the floor.

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