Thursday, June 18, 2009

Parabens pelo seu aniversario, Katie!

Don't ask me how to pronounce the title, but it means Happy Birthday in Portuguese. We celebrated Katie's birthday Brazilian-style this year at Yemanja Brasil. They were listed as one of the top happy hour spots in the StL, so of course, Katie hopped on that train! In addition to live music, free appetizers, and $5 Caipirinha (the national drink), they have super deliciously fresh food for dinner!

Maria got some acorn squash with jumbo shrimp and rice -- it was really good!

Chris and I split a salmon dish. It comes with this yucca meal (the powdery stuff on the upper right corner) that you mix in with the black beans and rice (Moors and Christians as my family calls bb and rice). It was yummy!

Mama Miller (don't tell her I posted her pic, she doesn't like her picture taken). She was so kind to buy us all crab cake appetizers, which were the best crab cakes I had ever had!

Chris and me on the beautiful outdoor patio. It was actually quite chilly for a June evening in St. Louis, hence the jacket.

Molly, Katie, and Maria enjoying their food and outdoor setting.

Ok, now turn your head 90 degrees clockwise, because for some reason I couldn't figure out how to get the video rotated 90 degrees clockwise. This is our Brazilian waiter singing Happy Birthday in Portuguese to Katie. You can't hear him very well, though, cause he wouldn't sing it unless the rest of us sang along with him in English. I made the cupcakes in front of Katie. She requested cookies and cream -- her wish was my command!

Happy 28th Katie!

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