Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Cookies and Cupcakes!

My friend Julie had a baby shower recently and requested that I bring cookies.  So, I took the opportunity to continue my goal to make every single cookie in this cookbook!

I pretty much followed the recipe, however, I added baby-related embellishments using colored white chocolate.

Shortly after the baby shower, we celebrated my mom's birthday.  I wanted to make her fall cupcakes.  So, I used a recipe I found in the Cupcake Doctor cookbook for pear-ginger cupcakes with a lemon frosting.  They were pretty good.  I also made some more cookies from Martha Stewart's Cookie Book, I believe they are called "Umbrella Cookies" in the book, because she uses an umbrella cookie cutter.  They were absolutely delicious.  Very caky and moist with a good flavor as well.  Her recipe for royal icing worked out extremely well also.  The only thing I would do differently next time, would be to add some vanilla or other extract to improve the taste.  I had never used royal icing before to ice cookies, and I felt it was really successful.  I am eager to try it out again, and I already have a great plan!  Stay tuned . . . 

Last, but not least, I made Martha Stewart's snickerdoodle recipe from the same book I used for the previous two cookie recipes.  I embellished her recipe slightly, by adding Alton Brown's Caramel sauce as topping!  These cookies got rave reviews at our friend Paul's birthday party.  Snickerdoodles aren't my favorite cookie, but there were plenty of people at the party who said that Snickerdoodles were there favorite, and that these were the best they'd ever had!  Way to go Martha, as I am just a pawn in your game of delivering delicious cookies!

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