Monday, February 28, 2011

He Bares the Cone of Shame!

Oh, our poor little Escher.  We decided to go ahead and have his stomach tacked when he got neutered.  Stomach tacking is a procedure that is usually done in emergency situations when a dog's stomach flips upside down (gastric torsion), which is what ultimately resulted in Ollie's death.  However, it can be done as a preventative measure, and we wanted to reduce the risk of a repeat of Ollie's tragedy.  Sadly, this is what had to happen (Warning: don't continue to scroll down if you are squeamish about wounds):

That incision consists of 24 staples and is at least 7 inches long, and that is in addition to the incision from his neutering which is just some internal sutures.

Poor buddy.  He is tolerating the "cone of shame" very well, but we all can't wait until he can take it off. He is terrorizing Wembley with it, slamming into the backs of our knees with hard plastic, and scratching the paint off the walls as he runs into the corners.  He's a mess.

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