Monday, January 31, 2011

Under Construction

It has been 3 weeks since I posted last!  My how the time flies!  Not too much exciting going on here, just cruising along in the words of my Ob.

We had some exciting arrivals recently, courtesy of Chris' overly generous uncle!  Thanks to Uncle Mike, our nursery is really starting to take shape!  He sent us our glider/ottoman, our stroller/car seat, and our crib/mattress is on its way!!  Over the weekend Chris and I tried to hang some new blinds in the nursery, but alas, Lowe's doesn't have our size blinds in store, so we have to order them online.  We did, however, put together the glider, I put together some new bookshelves, and we hung some floating shelves from Ikea on the wall that have been sitting in closets ever since we purchased them probably 5 years ago!!

Here are some very much under construction photos of the nursery so far!

Baren closet -- we will surely add more storage units and maybe another bar for hanging items!

Look at how the book shelf cries out, beckoning for children's books!

Blindless window -- the bare wall will be the home of the crib once it arrives.

There will be picture frames, stuffed animals, organizing bins/baskets, decorations on the shelves, and hopefully a cute little owl lamp on the end table!

Hey!  Look what else is under construction -- my belly seems to change every week!

Obviously we have a lot of work to do and finishing touches to add to make the nursery what it will become, but I am getting pretty darn excited!  The "theme" if that's what you want to call it will be little forest critters with a color scheme of orange, green, and brown.  I think Elliot is going to love it!

PS -- Take the poll, how should we spell Eliot/Elliott?!


  1. Orange, green, and brown is my favorite color combination! I think Elliott and I are going to be good friends. (I'm winning the poll! (= )

  2. You are now tied in the poll, my dear. Am I dumb because I get misty every time I think about you and your baby? Jenn, do you think I should swap out the "navy" for a "green" so I coordinate better?

  3. Love it! I like Elliott myself :o) Excited for you guys!

  4. I like Elliott :) I'm so excited!