Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wedding Cake!

Ok folks, here it is, the reason I have been so lackadaisical about photographing and beautifying my other posts.  The day after Thanksgiving a friend of mine got married.  Many months ago she had asked me to make her wedding cake.  After making my brother-in-law's wedding cake, I swore to myself I wouldn't do anymore.  But, somehow, I found myself saying yes to her.  This was only the second wedding cake I would have ever made, not to mention I have no formal training in this area.  On top of all that I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I am very hard on myself.  This makes making wedding cakes a very stressful thing for me.  However, the adrenaline rush after it is all over and the feeling of utter relief is worthwhile in some ways.  I changed the way I was going to decorate this cake about 5 or 6 times (at least), and didn't settle on this design until 2 days before the wedding.  Her wedding was fall-themed, and this cake ended up going perfectly with her decor.  The bottom tier was a cake I invented based on the Linzer torte, a hazelnut spice cake with a raspberry filling.  The middle tier was a pistachio cake with a chocolate ganache filling, and the top tier was a repeat of the bottom flavor (as that was the couples' favorite).  I also made an additional sheet cake that wasn't decorated that was a plain cake with chocolate ganache filling, and I used the caramel butter frosting from the Daring Baker's Challenge!  The cake tasted delicious, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  However, I made way too much, and there was plenty left over.  Again I say, I will never make another wedding cake again!  We'll see how long that lasts . . . The cake was topped with chocolate fondant on all three tiers.  The bottom and top tiers were covered with marbled chocolate shingles.  The middle tier was covered in ribbon and fondant balls covered in copper luster dust.  The white roses were made from white chocolate.  The flowers on top of the cake are real (except for the white rose).

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